From a Perch in Maryland Suburbia (schwael) wrote in relobj,
From a Perch in Maryland Suburbia

we so-called objectivists

am I the only uu who thinks this guy (who UUism makes sick) has some good points? maybe our religion doesn't have enough of a backbone. Why don't we critcize anyone? It's definitly not because the majority of us aren't very critical of society because we are. But we are so determined to be respectful to all religions and loving towards all people, that we don't put enough trust in that faith to preach(sp?) our beliefs to others and tell them where we think they're wrong.

For instance, there is a hugely repressed dissaproval of christians that is rarely voiced among uus. We do think that other religions have it wrong, and we have it right. We just tend to be afraid of conflict.

and i also wonder sometimes if we can really call ourselves a religion since we don't gather under agreed beliefs about God, life after death, and such faith things that most religions talk about. maybe just a really fantastic philosophy to gather under, which we believe in together instead of a religion. or maybe that makes it a religion. I don't know.

I'm also not sure about the subjective vs. objective arguement since i think it's hard for any people to be objective, but i do agree that we ought to discuss among ourselves how we really can be more critical of other religions -as long as we do it respectfully. A lot of uus need to learn the concept of loving/respectful aggression.

to the host: sorry for making this post so focused on my own religion, but i don't know nearly as much as i'd like about other ones. maybe i'll join this community in hopes of learning more.
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