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A few thoughts

Ayn Rand, in her essay "The Psycho-Epistemology of Art" (published in "The Romantic Manifesto") points out that art serves a crucial role in human consciousness. Art makes one's metaphysical value-judgments available to the conscious mind in concrete form, so that one need not try to recall and re-think a whole lot of philosophy in order to derive the motivation and guidance one needs for day-to-day life.

On of the many fascinating observations that George Santyana makes in his book, "Reason in Religion" (book 3 of his 5-book series "The Life of Reason" - available free at, is that religion is a primitive form of art.

Religion can be viewed as pure allegory - as a form of fiction used to concretize broad metaphysical abstractions in a much less structured way than does fictional literature for example. One could then use religion as a kind of  "make-believe for adults".

Religion today is dominated by irrationalists who deny it's artistic, fictional nature, and use it to promote supernaturalism and to justify a wide variety of other irrational practices as well. The metaphysical symbolism promoted today by religion is mostly anti-individual, and anti-life.

If one holds such a purely allegorical view of religion and tries to participate with others in almost any religion today (with the possible exception of Unitarians and Thelemites), intending to use it to concretize Objectivist metaphysics, one would be accused of hypocrisy.

And I'm not sure how this accusation could be objectively denied.
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